Monday, September 17, 2007

Shimmer and shine

It seems the holiday season starts a little earlier every year. It always amazes every year when the Halloween stuff is out right after school starts. This year, I notice the Halloween stuff has Christmas decorations at the edges. Are we in sucha hurry? Well, if you plan to make your own Christmas cards, it is never too early! I haven't actually started mine, but I have been thinking about them. Here is one I came up with Saturday. What do you think? I'm also looking for a wow idea to share at the Orlando Regional, so I won't tell you how I did it. Leave me a comment so I know if it is a'wow' or not. It is super easy. Well, okay, semi super easy. ;o)

In family news, we are enjoying a day off of school today. Why? It is listed as a teach prep day/hurricane day. I'm thinking they were pretty darn confident to 'plan' a hurricane and wanted a loophole so they could still have a day off. After a whole month of school, the teachers do probably need a day to regroup and decide if what they had planned for their class is actually going to work with the class they got. Thank goodness for good teachers. I had thought about home schooling but when I was pregnant with number 4 and had three little ones under the age of 5....I decided I was way out numbered! the time they turn 5 they are already smarter than me so what would have been the point?!

Our "puppy love" saga continues. Yesterday, with the help of Sarah's new 'Soda fountain classics' cd, we taught Fantine to dance. She is a natural! She just cracks me up with those little back legs.

She can really shake her booty!

When she finally got worn out,(and it took a while!) Sarah and Ben tried the dancing thing together. They were adorable! I just love it when the kids play together! Sunday is our family day. Nobody gets to have friends over, we don't watch TV or play video games and we only watch 'certain' movies. Thus, the kids are left with each other for entertainment. When the weather is cooler, it turns into trampoline day. It is still pretty muggy and rainy these days, so we turn to dancing, board games, pillow fights and lots of baking. I love it!


debsdialogues said...

Hmm. How did you do it? Hmm. Does it involve a blow dryer? Spray bottle? Does it matter if I know how you did it? I'll assume you used magic - and I love magic!!! I love anything that sparkles, so of course I love this card! I also love Christmas cards that actually refer to the birth of Christ, so love this stamp also.


Joan B said...

The card is really lovely and the picture of your family gave me a huge smile!!