Monday, January 14, 2008

Greetings from Palm Springs!

Yes, I am still here. On 'holiday' you might say. Leadership was wonderful! The classes were great, the stamping was great but of course, the best part was meeting up with old friends! Stampers are the best people on earth I am convinced. What a great bunch of loving, sharing, creative people. I love it!

Friday night was the Manager's reception. We were bussed to the Empire Polo Club for an actual polo match. It was a beautiful night. It was really neat to be out on the grass with the horses running all about. no, we didn't participate in the match, but were were right there! After the match we were treated to a wonderful dinner with even better dessert. I had the honor of having Shelly herself at my table for dinner. She is so cute. We all had this movie style tin at our places. She did not know what it was any more than we did. When she opened it up, she was so excited! I loved it! She said it was one of her most favorite sets in the new catty....mine too! It was the Always set. You will be seeing lots of samples with that one! It was a fun evening.

On the way TO leadership, I had the opportunity to meet up with my sisters for lunch. THAT is a story....let's just say....I am glad there was more that one flight to Palm Springs that day. Yes, I missed my connecting flight! I blame it on my nephew....thanks Halston! It was great to have some time with my sisters. Halston took this picture of us. Not bad!

I have tons of pictures to share but the internet in my hotel is slower than snot! And I do not have my keyboard. The one on my laptop leaves a bit to be desired. Can you say....big fingers, little keys?
Here is one of the make and takes we did the first day. The base is one of the on board book basics. It is about 8 inches square I believe. Totally cute to display on a plate stand. There is stamping as well as the new rub ons on here. Love those! Doing this also showed us why we now carry that Tombow glue. It is AWESOME for chipboard! Thick and creamy but dries super fast. Get some! I think I may have to do a class on this one. It is easy and looks great! Imagine a family portrait above the family on there.
Watch for more leadership info and pictures! I am off for more pampering at the spa.....poor me!

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