Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chipboard challenge day 5

I had another project all done and even blogged when I realized I had also done it for a contest and I wasn't supposed to have it posted anywhere before the contest was over. So...I took it off. I'll show it on Saturday when the contest is over.
In the meantime, I wanted to show you this cute idea for making jewelry out of chipboard. I took lots of pictures along the way so you can see how I did it.

I started with a naked chipboard flower I purchased at the Scrap Expo. It was from a left over kit, so there isn't a manufacture name on it. If you recognize it, let me know! To prepare the chipboard, I sanded off all the little bumps from the framing and then painted it white with a quick drying memory paint from making memories. When the paint was dry, I pressed the painted flower onto my Versamark pad to get it sticky. Using a soft paint brush, I gently brushed purple Peal Ex onto the Versamark ink. The versamark is great for holding on to this fine pigment powder. Pearl Ex isn't like embossing powder, you don't want to dump it out over your project, instead you want to barely dip your brush into the powder and use it very sparingly. After I covered my flower completely, I went back over it with the brush to remove any lingering, non-stuck-down pearl ex. Then, I carefully pressed my now purple flower onto my Versamark pad to get it sticky again. If you are not sure if you got the extra pearl ex off, just use the edge, or corner of your Vmark pad so you don't mess up the center. Once I got my flower sticky again, I used Glassy Glaze embossing powder to heat emboss it. Another name for this powder would be UTEE, or Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. This is a really chunky powder that turns to a thick laquer type coating when you heat it. After you heat the first coat, you can quickly coat the flower again with Glassy Glaze and heat it again. I did about three coats on this. After I let it cool completely, I used a paper piercer to pierce two holes in the flower. I fed a jump ring through each hole and attached each side to a chain. I thought it was a fun project and maybe even a bit original. I like jewelry, but I don't wear a lot of necklaces because the weight bothers my neck. This little necklace doesn't weigh much at all!
After I finished, I went back and added some glassy glaze to the back side of the flower as well to finish it off. Can you guess what the challenge is today?? Make a piece of jewelry with chipboard! Pendant, pin, brooch,....get creative! Don't forget to share what you make!


Bunny B said...

Wow! That's lovely!

Robin Merriman said...

This is really cool - I'm gonna have to try this one!

2stampis2b said...

Love it! What a creative way to use chipboard and it's looks so nice!

Gina Wrona said...

That is so awesome!

You Rock Sistah!