Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joys of summer

I did not fall off the planet. I'm still here! I have been super busy trying to finish my swaps for convention. For some reason, I have had the hardest time this year! I have a fairly large pile of cards on my desk that I have made and not been happy with. In the midst of my struggles I finally decided I must be too competitive. It was a surprise to me. I never thought of myself as competitive. But, I think I am trying too hard to make a totally awesome card or 3D swap and I'm missing out on the joy of creating. Isn't that sad? Once I realized that, I stopped trying and put away all my stamps. (I had a stack of about 10 sets on my little desk.) I cleaned off my desk and walked away from it. I spent a day just looking at the catalog and browsing through some new blogs and some old favorites. It was kind of like a relaxing therapy for me. There are so many stampers and crafters out there with so many different styles and we all love what we do. I just love it!
After my little 'vacation', I went back to my desk feeling refreshed and was able to put together two of my swaps. They are simpler than I had originally been working for, but they are me. You are probably expecting to see a picture here of what I came up with, right? daughter left for girls camp yesterday and I let her take my camera. gasp! I know, I know,....she has not had the best luck with cameras, but ... she is 16 now and I think she will do fine. In the mean time, I wanted to share a couple new blogs I found for you to check out. I'll try and get my old, pathetic, camera working and get some of my stuff up tomorrow. Have a great day!

Val has some awesome scrap pages on her blog here
Scrapbook girl has a wonderful site here
Julia has a great scrapbook sketch here
And is you are looking for something funny to read that will keep a smile on your face all day, check out my sister's blog here

I'm off to try and bring some order to my house before my girlfriends arrive for our gathering tonight. Have a great day!!

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