Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vinyl Fever!!

I had a workshop Friday night. My mom was the hostess. My mom has been very supportive of my Stampin business over the years, but frankly, she isn't a stamper. So, instead of doing a stamp workshop, we did a vinyl workshop! Decor Elements to be exact. We had a total blast! Normally, at a workshop, I give everyone an opportunity to stamp a card or something. Since this was decor elements, our project was a bit bigger. My mom's car! Yep, we all went outside, in the dark, and personalized my mom's mini van with some awesome polka dots. The Decor Element set is called "Spot On." She picked the brown, green, and pink set. It is so darn adorable! Here are a few pictures of us in action. My mom had to go to the hospital with her dad, so we got started a bit later than we had hoped.(hence the darkness) I was so glad that Grandpa was okay and that mom was able to come to her own party!


Rachelle said...

This is so fun Beckie! I want to do this to my car (maybe just my back windshield). What a fun idea! I love SU!'s vinyl!

Anonymous said...

Hey.that's my sister in law Becky in the picture.


Tawnya said...

Hey that's my sister in law Becky Price in the picture.