Thursday, May 5, 2011

instead of showering....

My dad came over yesterday to help me build a table for my stamp studio. Yes, I've decided to call it a 'studio'....seems more creative than just stamp room. The table is going to be fantastic! It will seat 8 cozy and 6 comfy or just two the way I tend to spread You know what I mean!
Because of my crazy excitement over getting my studio fully functional, I found myself doing some digital scrapping this morning during my shower time. Sorry world..... I had been browsing the Stampin' Success magazine earlier and found some really great My Digital Studio winning layouts. I really liked one in particular done by Amber Meadows so I decided to try and duplicate it. Here is my take. The original was ....well, completely different in color, theme, and subject matter, but basically the same layout. I love it!! My sister and her daughter are just to photogenic....Enjoy!

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