Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's my birthday!!

Today was my birthday. I am 30 and some change. I had a wonderful day! I decided to throw myself a party. Why not?! My friend, the amazingly talented Amy came and taught me and some friends an awesome bead project. We had a ball! I have the best friends in the world. They brought, gifts, food, and LOADS of fun! I felt very blessed today! Thanks guys!! I am going to share some of the awesome handmade cards they brought me over the next few days. I am too tired to do much tonight...must be the old age!

This card was actually sent to me by Karen Giron. A dear friend that shares my same birthday! She lives in Colorado tho. It is a totally cute card and the very first birthday card I received this year. Way to be on the ball Karen!!


Julie said...

Hope you have a terrific birthday!! 30 is a great year! :)

Michelle said...

Happy, happy birthday, Beckie dear! I love ya! Wish I could have flown in from CA for the party. You look amazing in your photo! You rock, girlfriend!