Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two more birthday cards

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I have been so I say that all the time? I think I do. I apologize. I guess I am just still getting used to having teenagers. They are alway going somewhere. It wears me out!

I promised to share more of the awesome birthday cards I received at my party. Here is a really cool card by Jesse S. She is so creative...more so than she knows! She is a great lover of purple, like me! I really like how she made this card. You can't see the inside, but the collage theme continues in there. It is a fun card!
This next card is by my good friend Laurel P. She cut out the oval in the middle and put a beautiful picture of purple flowers in it. It is almost three dimensional. Very cool! I especially like the stitching around the oval.
I LOVE getting hand made cards! It is not only because I'm a SU demo and that is what I do, it is because when someone takes the time to make me a card, I feel so honored and loved! It is a neat feeling to get a hand made card. I love that I get to teach people how to do that! To share a bit of themselves with others. I love it!

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