Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lattice tutorial

This is my first attempt at a tutorial. I had some requests for the lattice instructions so I decided to try this route. I did not come up with the technique....it has been around for a long time. I do not know who the creative genius is that came up with it, but I'll throw out a cyber thanks to them. Here goes! For this technique I like to use two sided paper. This paper is some left overs from a CK wall art kit I was playing with today. The easiest way to do this technique that I know of is to use

grid paper. I am useing a piece cut from my SU grid pad. You just need it about 3 inches wide and as long as the paper you want to lattice. For this project I am doing a strip lattice to put on the front of a card. You can do the same steps using a full card.

Fold your strip of paper and your grid paper in half. Be sure to fold on a line of the grid paper.

Put your paper inside the fold of the grid paper so

the folds are together.

Using the grid paper as your guide, cut into both papers diagonally through three squares.

Go to the next square and cut diagonally through two squares. Your cuts should end on the same line. Go to the next square and cut three, then two, then three....etc. til you get close to the end of your paper. Try to keep your cuts straight.

When you get all your cuts done you can pull the paper out of the grid paper and open it flat.
Lay the cut paper mountain fold up.

Starting with the second triangular cut, fold the strip down and smooth it with your bone folder. Skip the third and fold the fourth. Continue folding and skipping until you have all the cuts folded. You can then go back and tuck the folded points under the peak below it if you wish.

You can leave the piece flat or refold it for the edge of a card.

For this card, I layered the lattice work on top of a black card base. I like the look of the black showing through. Kind of masculine, don't you think? I added some plain white ribbon from WalMart along the sides and spelled out DAD with some scrappin tiles I picked up somewhere.

I hope that helps! Give the lattice fold technique a try and show me what you come up with!


Jen said...

this is pretty cool! thanks for sharing!!!


Beth said...

Great job on the tutorial! Be a great technique for Yazmin and I to do at one of our technique club meetings. Hope everything is good your way!

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