Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wishing you happiness

I live far away from most of my family. Ever
since I got married, we have lived in a 'far away' place. We lived close for a couple short periods of time during transitions, but for the most part, we have been off on our own. It wasn't so bad at first. We were just starting out and building our own family and it was nice to be able to do things our own way...if you know what I mean. As the kids got older, and the number of children grew, it became harder and harder to go 'home' to visit. Now, we rarely go home. It is sad. I do good all year, but at Christmas time, and especially this year for some reason, it is hard. I miss being able to gather together with the family for the holidays. I am so grateful for all the friends I have made that have become my surrogate family. Stamping has been a great way for me to meet lots of wonderful people! I am so blessed by great friends. They make this season a bit easier.
SO! tonight I am sharing a fun card I made a few days ago with my new CK stamp set. I just HAD to have this huge set of foam stamps that CK offered last month as their "Kit of the month." I don't quite understand my motivation....I was overjoyed when SU did away with their foam stamps.....but, this set is HUGE and I do like to use acrylic paint when I scrap sometimes, and they work great for that! For this card, I used the SU craft white pad and embossed over it with clear. The background paper is from the Love You packet from last year. I paired some pretty patterend organdy and some white ricrak on the side with a flower and pearl from the pretties kit. I have to say that this type of card is not my usual style, if I have one, but was influenced by Bety. She always does great big flowery dimentional cards that look great!
Have a happy weekend!! Take some time to breathe before Christmas too! :o)


Robert Laux said...

What?! Dreaded rickrack. Taboo! Not really, I've come to appreciate it, and am almost able to have it in the house...
Hey, I liked everything on the card. You're amazing. Could you please just bip over and help me make a bunch of cards to have on hand? I'll only need you for...well...a week or two.

Robert Laux said...

By-the-way, This is the hardest time of the year for us, to have you away. How rotten. We all miss you and your family so much. And, we're far less creative without you here to guide us...

Anonymous said...

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