Sunday, April 27, 2008

Candy winner!

Yesterday was a super busy day! We had two soccer games, a birthday party, a spaghetti dinner/auction, scuba lessons, and a workshop. That is my excuse for not posting. I was dead dog tired by the time I got to bed! The good news is, my daughter did awesome at soccer and my son made it all the way through the game...actually on the field! I had to bribe him and his coach did some pretty awesome pep talking, but he made it! All the parents made a point of praising him and telling him what a good job he did. Granted, he was given a spot to guard on the field and that is where he stayed. I mean, literally. His feet did NOT move, but he was out there. He cheered for his team and he tried to watch the ball, but he stayed in his spot. He awesome coach moved his spot now and then to keep him in the thick of the game. It was awesome. He had a great time!

I wanted to share a really cute card that I got for my birthday. This is the card Shari made me. I like it a lot because of the colors, but also because she figured out how to use the sticky shapes! I couldn't get the backing off of them when I tried, but she did. It looks awesome in person! she used bashful blue and berry bliss patterned paper for this card. I love the hodgepodge hardware in the lower right corner. (Don't have any of this new set yet...) Thanks for the great card Shari!

I also want to announce my blog candy winner. I had a fun time reading about all the things you like as a you grow older. Seems like most of us like the fact that we are wiser, calmer and basically not a teenager! My random pick for the candy is...........
Deb Neerman said...
My favorite thing about getting older is the attitude adjustment ... you kinda roll with the punches and stop worrying about the little things ... or things that you can't change.
Deb, I totally agree with you on this one. Don't sweat the small stuff is a great motto that I try to use a lot! Send me your snail addy and I will mail you the blog candy! Thanks everyone for your comments and mostly for visiting my blog! Have a great Sunday!


Diane said...

Congrats Deb! Glad you had a busy but wonderful weekend!! Next one will come soon enough! It seems that monday comes,then it's saturday again.Time is just flying by!!!

Deb Neerman said...

Woooohoooo!!! Better late than never, huh, Beckie?!?

Comcast shut me down, lol, but I'm back!!

Thanks so much; you rock!

~Hugs, Deb