Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Field day

This week is field day for the elementary and Jr high schools here. I love field day! It is always an adventure. The kids sign up to compete in different 'events' such as the three legged race, 440yd , 100yd dash, wheel barrow, mash relay, and the coveted balloon toss. Ben had field day on Monday but his teacher didn't tell me so I missed it. :o( I hear he had a hard time picking a class to participate in so....there it is.
Sarah had her field day yesterday and she did great! She is our athletic one. She did the wheelbarrow, mash relay, balloon toss and the cross country. I think she stressed about that last one all day. It was a LONG 1/2 a mile or so, and by the time the event came, the light drizzly rain and cloud coverage had decided to leave. So, she had to run in the fresh hot sun. Sarah does not do well with the heat. She gets overheated really easy. So, between that and her stress about the race, she was 'done' after she ran. I was SO impressed tho! She kept a good even pace the whole way around! She came in about 5th out of 12 I think. Not too bad! I think I would have died half way. (but I'm working on it!)
Here she is after her race, all tuckered out. After this I stole her away inside to cool off in the library. Do you know that she immediately went to the computer and started researching for her Otter report? What an awesome kid! I would have collapsed and took a nap!

I grabbed a few minutes to scrap the other day. I had some pictures I had recently gotten developed from when we went to the Zoo earlier this year. In case you are wondering, I usually order my prints online from where ever sends me a great deal. I think these are from shutterfly. They are quick and usually only about 2cents a print on sale. I also frequent Clark color labs and even Walgreens when they have a sale.
This is a pretty basic layout. The bottom half is Saleabration DSP, torn, with 1/4" circles along the edge. I stamped the animals and cut them out and mounted them along the bottom of my journaling box. I really liked these pictures so I didn't add a lot to detract from them.
I have a nother layout to share tomorrow so be sure to check back!

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