Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back from Utah

I had a wonderful time in Salt Lake last week. Not only did I attend a fabulous training seminar, but I got to spend some time with my mom. Just the two of us. I can't remember the last time we got to spend time, just us. She was a great room mate, picking up after me, letting me watch tv til late at nite...it was a lot of fun.
I learned SO much! I am ready to tackle the disorganized world! I think I mentioned earlier that I was attending a training seminar to get my professional organizing certificate. There is a lot more to it than you may think. The trainer, Marla Dee, has wonderful ideas and lots of great forms and systems that she shared with us. We had class Monday thru Wednesday, a client on Thursday, and class on Friday. Here are some samples of what I actually did on Thursday. This is a corner of the master bedroom I reorganized. Before and after. I think the favorite part of this room was the Make up drawer tho. One of the gals in the class about passed out when she saw the after shot! If you are in need of some help organizing your space, let me know! I'd love to come help you!


Anonymous said...

Good for you!! You make house calls to Alabama? lol
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you did that! That's exciting! Now you can come organize my house! ;)

stampingwithstephanie said...

My house needs some organizing too!

Roger, AnnaLee, and family said...

Okay I think that it would be great if you could share your notes on your blog and inspire us all to get organized. I could use some great ideas, encouragement, tags even that when we have accomplished an organized area we tag a new friend, yes? Tell us more about this seminar. Keep in touch!

Kerry D-C said...

Can you come to house?! And live here?! LOL!