Monday, March 5, 2007

Another embossing technique we worked on was using the heat and stick powder. Now, I am not a huge fan of this stuff because you have to be so careful. At least I do. Heat and stick powder is an embossing powder that turns 'tacky' when heated. The trick is to heat it just barely enough to melt it so it is sticky. If you heat it too long, it isn't sticky. When done right, the results are awesome! This card was done by Jesse Szombathy. Anyone that knows Jesse will not be surprised that it is purple. ;o) After Jesse heated the H&S powder, she brushed the purple and green glitter over the H&S and it stuck. After that, she shot it again with the heat tool to 'lock in the glitter' and voila! Awesome card. The great thing about using the H&S for glitter is that it is stuck on there good. The glitter doesn't keep coming off like it does when you use the 2-way glue pen. After playing with the H&S again Saturday... I think I am ready to start using it more. The cards were great!

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